The Wine Harvest Tour – Day 3 (August 25, 2018)

The Wine Harvest Tour – Day 3 (August 25, 2018)

by PeterK, October 21, 2018

Oh, we had a very busy day! We visited two castles and a pretty small town, hiked to weird rock formations, tasted wines twice and at the end of the day we still had energy for a dance party.40056727_10161085625195727_4999607043695312896_n40202706_10217718907510833_5476786714963869696_n40326650_10214997151861005_1588048605619421184_n 40137705_10217718905390780_8621277296231186432_n 40108920_10217718905550784_791479407985295360_n 40104415_10161087400345727_7420682419142918144_n 40029766_10161087402305727_590790537024372736_n40330436_10214997178861680_7846101627051180032_nvlcsnap-2018-09-08-15h58m08s739

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