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Taste excellent wines from three regions

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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a little group of friends making cycling tours in Hungary. We arrange these tours for ourselves but anyone is free to join.

We have the following plans for 2024:

The Beach Tour around the lake Balaton in 5 days between June 24 and June 28, 2024

For groups of at least 5 people we can arrange the same program all around the year.

These are not really sport events but rather cultural experiences. Around the lake Balaton we spare time for visiting the wine regions, the beaches, the cultural sights and, in general, we go for a take-it-easy holiday.
Since 2015 we have been making trips around the lake Balaton. All trips were exciting and full of fun as you can see it on the photos in our gallery. We explored the beautiful beaches and we had the chance to taste the great wines of the three wine regions around the lake.
But the best part of all tours was that we formed great teams and made friendships for a lifetime with people of various nations.

If you haven’t been yet, Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and is immensely rich in cultural sights and natural beauties. On the slopes of the hills surrounding lake Balaton the viticulture dates back to Roman times. Its water is shallow and clean, warms up easily and is perfect for sailing. The Hungarians think of Balaton as a natural treasure. This is the number 1 holiday destination for good reason and not only in the peak season

Want to join us?
If you like our idea of this cycling and wine tasting tour in an astounding environment, you can register for further information. or ask questions on the following email address:

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Kick back, relax, and enjoy Lake Balaton

Five Wonder-filled days ! 

Generally this is the program of our tours. It can vary on weather and extra programs the team decides to do.


Day 1

– Departure from Budapest by minibus at 9.00 (CET) Collection point is to be confirmed
– Arrival at Siófok at around 11.00
– Bike ride starts at around 11.30
– Daily stretch is 30 kms to Balatonlelle
– Arrival at Balatonlelle, the centre of Southern Balaton wine region
– Overnight accommodation in a decent guesthouse
– Visiting Gömbkilátó (Sphere shaped watch tower)
– Dinner and wine tasting in the restaurant of the Konyári winery


Day 2

– Departure from Balatonlelle at 9.00
– Daily stretch is 45 kms to Keszthely
– Optional stop at the bird sanctuary of the lake with a bird ringing presentation
– Arrival at Keszthely, the cultural centre of the Balaton region
– Excursion to Hévíz and swimming in Europe’s largest thermal lake
– Overnight accomodation in a centrally located apartment house
– Dinner and wine tasting in a fancy restaurant


Day 3

– Morning visit to the baroque Festetich castle
– Departure from Keszthely at 10.00
– Daily stretch is 30 kms to Badacsony
– Rest in the fabulous village of Szigliget. Stunning view from the castle
– Arrival at Badacsonyörs, one of the charming villages of the Badacsony wine region
– Overnight accomodation in an apartment house with view on the lake
– Dinner and wine tasting in a local winery


Day 4

– Departure from Badacsonyörs at 9.00
– Daily stretch is 39 kms to Balatonfüred
– Optional programs along the route: the Tihany peninsula and Tihany Abbey, Hungary’s oldest water mill at Örvényes, military museum at Zánka, old cemetery at Balatonudvari, promenade of Balatonfüred
– Arrival at Balatonfüred, the center of Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region
– Overnight accomodation in an apartment house with view on the lake
– Dinner and wine tasting in a local winery


Day 5

– Departure from Balatonfüred at 9.00
– Daily stretch is 55 kms to Siófok
– Depending on the weather sailing on the lake
– Arrival at Siófok, the party capital of Balaton around 5pm
– Transport back to Budapest by minibus. Arrival at around 7pm.

For those who select to stay an extra night:
– Accomodation in a 4-star spa hotel in single or double rooms
– Dinner and spa in the hotel


Day 6 (optional)

– Departure from Siófok after check-out
– Arrival at Budapest 2 hours later

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can participate in this Epic adventure?

Anyone who likes biking in a beautiful environment rich of natural and cultural sights, who likes tasting excellent local foods and wines, who likes nice beaches and astonishing panoramas and who likes meeting other people from around the world. We can recommend this journey also to families and seniors because the stretches are not particularly strenuous.

2. How much time is needed to complete it?

The trip itself lasts for 5 or 6 days but we recommend arriving in Budapest at least one day earlier than the starting date. Not only because the tour starts in the morning but also because you should not miss visiting at least the main sights of Budapest, either.

3. Is registration needed and how much does it cost?

Yes, we need a registration in order to be able to calculate with the group size and inform the service providers. Registration is free of charge but we will ask a 10% advance payment of the costs because we have to reserve the accommodation and programmes in advance.

4. I want to ride my own bike through the adventure. Can I do that?

Of course you can ride your own bike but, please, be aware that we do not have the ability to deliver bikes from Budapest to the lake and vice versa. So you would need to bring your bike to the start point at Siófok by yourself.

5. How many people will form the group?

We think that the maximum group size shouldn’t be larger than 16 people because it is ideal for having an enjoyable common journey but flexible enough for the rich schedule. .

6. What if I don’t want to start from or don’t want to return to Budapest?

You are free to do so. We can arrange a meeting in Siófok to join the group and we can also help you to find connections from Siófok to any destination.

7. What if I cannot stay with the group for the whole adventure because of my other schedule?

That’s fine. Please, just let us know what dates you can make at registration so that we can arrange it and can also make a customized cost calculation for you

8. Will I need a sleeping bag at the accommodation? What should I bring and what shouldn’t?

No. The accommodation we will stay in are very decent, they will provide bedclothes and towels. It is recommended to bring your own towel and swimming gear because hopefully we can enjoy the spa and beautiful beaches of Balaton. You will also need to bring wet weather gear and a dry change of clothes, as localised rainstorms can whip up very quickly along the route. Otherwise nothing special is required for accomplishing the adventure. If something is missing, you can source them from countless shops and some supermarkets around the lake.

9. What will we eat along the route?

The catering infrastructure of the lake is very developed. You can find a very wide range of possibilities to get food from little kiosks to high quality restaurants and from tiny grocery stores to huge supermarkets. Every beach provides at least five different type of dishes like fish, hamburger, pancake, lángos, chicken, gulyás and so on. Otherwise the wine tastings we plan are provided with dinner so if you register for the tastings you will not have to worry about staying hungry at the end of the day. The accomodation do not provide breakfast with the room but if we order it, they can arrange it on the spot or nearby.

10. How much money shall I bring for the adventure?

If you order breakfast and dinner, only 15-20 € per day can be enough for lunch and the various optional programs. If you don’t, it can go up to 30-50 €. And if you go out to the night life (which is also very lively), the sky is the limit…

Hungary uses Hungarian forint (abbreviated as Ft or HUF). There are loads of ATMs and changing offices around the lake but major business cards and in many places even euro is accepted.

11. How much luggage can I bring for the adventure?

During the cycling you will just need to carry what you need for the daily stretch and for the beach. A small day rucksack to carry your swimming gear, wet weather gear, towel and valuables. Everything else will be taken by minibus to the accommodation you will stay in that night. So theoretically you can pack as big luggage as you want but in practice the capacity of the minibus is limited. Therefore we can accept one big bag per person to carry in the minibus.

12. What physical condition does this adventure require?

We believe that a healthy person with normal physical condition at any age from 12 can perform this adventure. There are hilly stretches on the Northern shore of the lake but nothing too demanding. Each day is on average 45 km. You don’t have to be top trained but we recommend to make some cycling before starting otherwise your second and third days can be little unpleasant because of sore muscles and buttocks.

13. Can I have a day off if I want due to any reason?

We will not force you to sit on the bike and push the pedals. If you feel like a day off to relax due to soreness or bad weather or anything else, the minibus will take you to the next stage where you can meet your group again for the evening programs. But the minibus is not a taxi, it will not carry you to other destinations.

14. What voltage is used in Hungary?

In Hungary the common voltage is 230V. Make sure whatever electrical devices you bring can handle 220V-240V, otherwise you will need a transformer.

15. Do I need a visa to Hungary?

Hungary is a member of the EU and belongs to the Schengen zone. So all EU citizens can enter with a valid ID. There are numerous bilateral visa waiver agreements with third party countries. You can check the relevant information here.

16. Can I know the other members of my group in advance?

Yes, after registration we will share the contact information of other group members unless someone wishes to opt out. And, of course, you will also be asked if your data can be shared with other group members.

17. Are there only English speaking guides?

No, we have also friends speaking very good German. So if it is needed, we can form a German speaking group. And we can provide guidance in other languages as well.

18. Is this a travel agency?

No, we arrange this trip for fun and making new friends. The guides and the drivers are volunteers as well. They don’t get a salary, only their basic costs like accommodation will be covered by the group.

Where is Lake Balaton, Hungary?

Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake in the Transdanubian region of Hungary. It is the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the region’s foremost tourist destinations.



The Beach Tour lasts for 5 days between June 24 and 28, 2024


The cost of each tour is 500€ per person including accommodation for 4 nights with half board, 4 wine tastings, the supporting minibus with a driver and a sailing on the lake. Not including bike hire (70€ for a normal bike, 200€ for an e-bike for 5 days) and entrance fees.

Extra Night

Extra night at the end of the tours in a 4-star spa hotel with half board costs 250€ in single room or 200€ per person in double room.

Epic Adventures in Hungary


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