The summary of Day 2 (June 9)

The summary of Day 2 (June 9)

by PeterK, June 28, 2015

Balatonboglár – Keszthely (42 kms)
We kept on slow cycling. Ice creams and beaches were the milestones along the way. Andrew’s day was made when he found the Oz street.


Due to the forecasted storm the lake had waves but the water remained warm so swimming was real fun.


It was also due to the weather forecast (and no, not the laziness!) that from Keszthely we made the detour to the thermal lake of Hévíz with the minibus. The water of the thermal lake was very thick with minerals, it was like swimming in honey. But it was just awesome with the blooming water lilies!




By the time we got back to the guest house the paprikás krumpli got ready and we tasted a great variety of palinkas. The ivy was the most popular but the others didn’t get wasted either. Finally the storm hit East Balaton badly but we didn’t get a drop of rain


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