Launching the new Epic Adventures!

Launching the new Epic Adventures!

by PeterK, June 28, 2015

It was just two weeks ago that we finished our inaugural Epic Adventures at the lake but we are already longing to be back! You can see in our photo gallery how beautiful landscapes we cycled through, how many interesting things we saw and how much fun we had. But actually the pictures are not really able to reflect our feelings about the team spirit formed during the trip, about the pleasure meeting new people and becoming friends probably for a lifetime, about the hospitality of the locals supporting us in various ways and being committed to make us as happy as possible and about the beauty of the lake and the surrounding villages.

Therefore we decided to return in September when the lake shows another face. Autumn is special there and not only because the nature is astoundingly beautiful in its seasonal costume but also because that is the busiest and the most important period of the year for wineries. The harvest generates loads of work for them but also large festivals in the communities of the wine regions.

If you want to have a relaxed cycling adventure after a busy summer in a nice environment, you should definitely start to think about joining us.


Epic Adventures in Hungary


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