The Wine Harvest Tour – Day 2 (August 24, 2018)

The Wine Harvest Tour – Day 2 (August 24, 2018)

by PeterK, October 21, 2018

Since it was a wine harvest tour, we started the day with wine harvest. The day was busy again with beach and beer stops and at the end of the day the team relaxed in the thermal lake of Hévíz.IMG-378676a88c900af7194789b5805f544d-V 40534918_1952646011702481_2360298182300139520_n 40222279_10217718904590760_2011567376398548992_n 40160036_10214550091680888_8163260510611963904_n 40131393_10214550091040872_576085591205085184_n 40094480_10214550087720789_3041201492586397696_n40049665_10214550088880818_8945803058021924864_n 39987075_10217700041479194_7548578719787384832_n

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